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These forms are a collection of the most used application forms for licences, endorsements and firearms or offensive weapon import permits. Visit our Firearms and Safety section for further information. A mail order or internet sales form is required where prohibited parts are being sold without in-person completion of the sale.

Arms Surrender Form. Application by endorsed licence holders for a permit to possess to acquire pistols, restricted weapons, or prohibited firearms or prohibited magazines within New Zealand from another person. Completed application forms can be sent to ProhibitedFirearmEndorsement police. Application to import firearms, airguns, restricted airguns, and firearm parts.

A permit is required for a firearm, pistol, blank firing gun, restricted airgun, restricted weapon, or ammunition and any part of a firearm, pistol, starting pistol, pistol carbine conversion kit PCCKor restricted weapon.

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It is also required for a prohibited firearm, and all prohibited items. Completed application forms can be sent to PermitFirearms police.

Information about Import permits for parts of firearms. Application for a "B" endorsement to possess pistols for target pistol shooting. Applicants must be or become a member of a pistol club recognised by the Commissioner of Police. Application for a "C" endorsement to possess pistols and restricted weapons e. Application for a firearms dealer's licence. Applicants must hold a standard firearms licence.

Applies to any firearms activity by way of business e. Application to import offensive weapons Customs Import Prohibition Order. Applies to among other things, edged weapons, such as: bayonets, double-edged knives, daggers, disguised edged weapons e.

Application for a permit to possess a pistol carbine conversion kit. Application by endorsed licence holders for a permit to possess to acquire a pistol carbine conversion kit for a pistol that is held against an endorsement and permit to possess or import.

For further information on how to use the forms listed below, please visit the " Apply for an endorsement and permit to possess prohibited items " page. Skip to main content.

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Firearms forms and guides Firearms forms and guides. Date Published:. June Dealers' licences are renewed annually.Sell general listings with no success fees, plus more exclusive benefits with Choice by Trade Me.

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Clearance now on!I know that information can be hard to come by at times, and often it seems like people are deliberately making it difficult. For this reason I thought I would give a bit of a shakedown of the current process here in New Zealand. I will start by pointing out what I would hope is already generally understood information; Firstly It is illegal to shoot a pistol anywhere in New Zealand other than a pistol range which has been approved by the police for this purpose.

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It is possible to attend a training course at a pistol range in New Zealand without first having a firearms licence under strict supervisionbut many clubs require that you have at least begun the process towards getting your licence. It is also a police requirement that, after 3 visits as a visitor, you must become a financial member of the club in order to progress your training.

Or you can apply for endorsements at the same time as you apply for your licence. Once you have your endorsed licence you may begin looking to purchase a pistol. Once you have this Permit to Procure you take it with you to the person or store you are procuring the pistol from, and they will complete their section on the forms. You then take the completed forms and the pistol to your Arms Office who will inspect the pistol to ensure it is the same as the one originally applied for.

They will keep a copy of the form so it can be entered in their records and you will be allowed to take the pistol, and your copy of the permit for your records. I know that in reading this, it sounds like a long-winded process. To be honest, it is. I would estimate it taking about a year or longer depending on circumstances to fully complete the process. There is a reasonable amount of start-up and ongoing costs associated with owning pistols to be aware of Application fees, Pistol Club joining fees, annual Pistol Club fees, Pistol NZ Fees, not to mention cost of firearms, ammo and equipment.

However, after completing the process, I can understand why it is set up this way. Pistol shooting is great fun, and you will meet some great people, but safety is key things have the potential to go pear-shaped very quickly with pistols and their very short barrels. By completing the whole process, it ensures that only those people who are very motivated and keen, as well as competent and safe have access to these endorsed firearms. The knowledge that everyone you are shooting with has completed the above process does provide that assurance of competence and safety.

He also enjoys all aspects of reloading and getting out for a hunt when he can. I know every range I have shot pistol at has had that rule. See below 2 examples from New Plymouth and Hamilton. Visitors are only permitted to visit the club 3 times before being required to make a decision on joining.

All visitors to the NPPC are restricted to 3 visits before they must decide if they wish to join.Rifle Dies. Pistol Dies. Powder Handling. Bullet Casting. Black Powder Shooting.

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Proceed to login. Not a member? Please enter your email address below so we can help you recover your cart on your next visit. Everything you see is in stock now! Pistol Projectiles. Berrys 40cal grain HBRN x Berrys Bullets. Berry Plated projectiles always right on target.

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Hornady 32cal 85gr XTP x ACME Pistol projectiles getting it done easy. Sierra 38cal. Berrys Bullets 38cal gr RN Hornady 38 Cal. Hornady 38 cal. Speer 38 Spl Plastic Training Bullets 50 box Hornady 38cal. Hornady 38cal gr XTP Speer 38cal gr Lead RN Units Speer Gold Dot HP 38cal gr x Speer Deep Curl 38cal gr SP x Hornady 44 Cal. Sierra 44cal. Hornady XTP 44 cal. Berrys Bullets 44cal gr HP Box of Hornady Interlock 44cal gr FP x Hornady XTP 44cal gr.

Hornady XTP 45cal.

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Berrys Bullets 45cal RN gr Hornady 45cal gr Cowboy box of Sierra 45cal. Sierra 45cal gr JHP Powerjacket This recognises the inability of licence holders to complete the renewal application or for Police to progress licensing and vetting activity during alert level restrictions.

Please note there will be delays as Police works through the backlog, as well as new applications. If your licence expired before this date and you had not applied for a renewal, you are not legally able to possess or use firearms.

pistol nz

You should urgently contact your local police arms office to discuss your options. If your firearms or dealer licence has or will expire between 25 March and 25 September you need to apply for a renewal of your licence as soon as you can to allow for the expected delays in processing your application and no later than 4 months after the expiry date.

Following your application you will be able to legally continue to possess, procure, or use a firearm or ammunition for up to 12 months after the original expiry date or until you have had your licence application determined by Police if this happens earlier.

Any endorsements on the licence will continue to be valid for the same period as any extended licence. Similarly, any conditions on a licence will also continue during the extended licence period. Licence holders going hunting or shooting should carry their existing firearms licence card with them, and confirmation that they have applied to renew their licence.

People who want to sell a firearm or ammunition to a person with a licence card which shows an expiry date before 25 September should contact their local arms office to confirm it is legally permitted to sell the firearm or ammunition. If you are 16 years old or over you can apply for a firearms licence.

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This will allow you to have and use unsupervised:. Anyone can use an A Category firearm without a licence if they are under the immediate supervision of a licence holder. Anyone can use a pistol if they are on the range of an incorporated pistol club that is recognised by the Commissioner of Police, and under the immediate supervision of a licence holder with a B endorsement. The supervisor must not be using another firearm at the same time. Note: If you are visiting New Zealand for less than a year and need a firearms licence, apply for a visitor licence.

If you are 18 or older you do not need a licence to own or use an airgun.

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If you are 16 or 17 years old and wish to buy or use an airgun unsupervised, you need a New Zealand firearms licence. Take your completed application form to a PostShop and pay the firearms licence application fee. Attach the receipt to your application form.It is, and you too can be part of this exciting, dynamic sport and recreation.

Naturally, strict rules apply. You must belong to a registered Pistol Club, have no police convictions and be an upstanding citizen of good character. Auckland Pistol Club caters to members from all over the Auckland Region and is one of the closest and most accessible clubs from Central Auckland only 10min from Auckland's Botanic Gardens in Manurewa.

After the success of last year's Whisper Competition we are doing it again. Saturday, December 8th, 10am start.

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Guns and ammunition are provided for t Pistol Shooting is a dynamic and exciting sport which is rapidly growing in New Zealand. There are many disciplines of shooting and areas of knowledge from cleaning and maintaining your equipment to reloading and testing match ammunition to the aspects of the mental discipline required for competition this is a family friendly sport that caters to all ages, genders and cultures.

Our New Members Director will arrange for you to get a short tour of the ranges with an explanation of the different styles of shooting we participate in. APC Latest News. Whisper Comp October 14, Christmas Shoot and Prizegiving. December 8, March 8, Why Pistol Shooting?

Want to know more? The best place to start is by visiting the club and ranges. Recent Posts. Whisper Comp Results.